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YPG Command: It is success of Rojava Revolution

KOBANΠ- YPG General Command has issued a statement in the wake of the victory attained in Kobanî following 134 days of resistance to ISIS gangs.
“This is the victory of the line of freedom over the dark ISIS”, said YPG General Command, extending their thanks to all the Kurdish people, those in North Kurdistan in the first place, Peshmerga, Burkan Al Firat and FSA forces that have supported them in this battle.
YPG General Command pointed out that fighters of the YPG and YPJ, male and female youths of Kurdistan, and volunteers joining them from across Kurdistan and other countries have put up a fierce fight and great resistance to the ISIS terror for 134 days.
The statement underlined that: “Kobanî town of Rojava Kurdistan has entirely been liberated from ISIS gangs today. Our forces have not disappointed the expectations of our people and humanity by waging an epic struggle against ISIS terror for 134 days now. Our forces have fulfilled their promise of accomplishment. This victory is the achievement of the Rojava revolution, the achievement of democratic Syria, the achievement of humanity and the achievement of the line of freedom over the cruel and dark ISIS.”
YPG stated that a number of valued fighters, girls and boys of Kurdistan have fallen a martyr, and that it has been the spirit and will of the martyrs that has achieved victory.
The statement said YPG has demonstrated once again that no one will ever be able to overthrow the Rojava revolution and proved itself as the true defense force of the Kurdish people and other folks in the region.
“The battle waged in Kobanî wasn’t just a fight between the YPG and the ISIS. This has been a battle between humanity and savagery, between freedom and cruelty and between the common values of humanity and enemies of humanity. It is rightness, spirit of freedom and the free will of peoples and humanity that has won this battle”, the YPG General Command underlined.
According to YPG General Command, the Kobanî battle has been the place of ISIS’ destiny, and the defeat of ISIS is at the same time the beginning of the end for it. “The defeat of ISIS will not remain limited in Kobanî alone for it also means a psychological and spiritual collapse in the face of the will of the peoples. We believe that victory in Kobanî will be followed by further achievements against the ISIS. Some other good news will also be given soon”, YPG said.
Recalling that with the liberation of Kobanî YPG and YPJ fighters have fulfilled their promise to the Kurds and other peoples in the region, YPG said this achievement may be blessed to the peoples of Rojava, Syria and entire Kurdistan.
YPG continued its statement by extending their thanks to every single person that has supported them and fought alongside, particularly to the North Kurdistan people that have owned the struggle, to the international coalition forces that have provided active support with airstrikes against ISIS, to Burkan Al Firat and Free Syrian Army groups and peshmerga fighters that have fought alongside them.
“We as the YPG are aware of the fact that our duty is not done. Ahead of us is the process of the liberation of Kobanê as a whole. We promise to fulfill this duty of ours with success”, the statement underlined.
YPG General Command reiterated the promise of victory before hundreds of brave fighters in the person of Diyar Bagok, Erîş, Zozan, Arîn, Dilgêş and Kendal who have sacrificed their lives, and vowed to follow in their path.

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