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Syriac people respond to Öcalan’s letter

NEWS CENTER - Syriac Union Party responded letter of leader of the Kurds Abdullah Öcalan he wrote on January 12 to Syriac, Assyrian and Caldean people. The Syriac Union Party wrote the following letter to Öcalan.
“The Syriac Union Party thanks and respects leader of the Kurds Abdullah Öcalan. We appriciate his ideas, works and struggle for freedom of people and gaining rights. His imprisonment did not prevent his struggle; contrary to this, strenghten his humanitarian perspectives and methods. His letter to Assyrians, Caldeans and Aramis show his willingness to help the suppressed people. He tells history of these people and how they were suppressed and became minority. Mr. Öcalan offers democratic nation as a democratic solution for equality, freedom and brotherhood of peoples.
He as a leader deserves freedom so that he can struggle freely for his people and all the peoples in Mesopotamia. Öcalan who has an important personality in the eyes of the society says our people must stay in their lands and this is a historical step for us and means recognition of our people. Before that, we never heard such a word and saw such an approach from other leaders in the Middle East. In a historical period the Syriac people have been living, Mr. Öcalan talks about project on peoples’ brotherhood, joint life, victory of Syriac people and says ‘if this culture (the Syriac culture) disappears, it will damage culture of all the world’.
He refers to the tragedy of the Syriac peoples and calls on them to join the project of Democratic Nation. It is obvious that this creative personality who has valuable ideas and philosophy can play social, political and historical roles and give a direction to peoples’ future. This derives from his approach and historical understanding of joint life.
With its ideas and struggle in the country, the Syriac Union Party believes in cooperation among the peoples. It also believes in equality, mutual recognition based on aspects and aims of the Democratic Nation and cretaing a free society, as it is practiced with Democratic Autonomous Administration.
We appreciate Mr. Öcalan’s letter in our search for a solution to the problems in the Middle East. We, as all the exective body and members of the party, support leader of the Kurds Abdullah Öcalan’s ideas and thoughts and welcome by heart his solidarity with the Syriac people. Despite all the problems, we once again note that we will continue our joint struggle with Kurdish people.
We call on all leaders in the Middle East and powers being effective here to consider Mr. Öcalan’s letter as the way of solution to all peoblems and establishing justice and equality among peoples.”

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