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HPG Sinjar Command: Kobanê is the victory of humanity

HPG (People’s Defense Forces) Sinjar Command has issued a statement greeting the liberation of Kobanê town of West Kurdistan, Rojava.

Recalling that the Kurdish people have mounted a great struggle against ISIS fascism, for three years in Rojava and for the last one year in South Kurdistan, HPG Sinjar Command said that: “This glorious resistance has been centered in Kobanê and Sinjar for the past six months and eventually ended up in a historic victory in Kobanê. This is the victory of not only the Kurdish people but also all the Middle East peoples and humanity caught between capitalist modernity and reactionism.”
HPG Sinjar Command remembered the martyrs -whom it referred to as the true creators of this victory- with respect and gratefulness, and reiterated their promise to pursue the struggle of the Apoist line they represented.
HPG ended its statement by promising Leader Apo, all the martyrs and the Kurdish people to achieve the same success in Sinjar, the other centre of the epic resistance.
Source: Firat News Agency

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