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Murat Karayılan: Kobanî still needs to be supported

NEWS CENTER - PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party) Executive Committee Member Murat Karayılan whose message on Kobanî victory was broadcast on Ronahî TV called on the youths of North, South and East Kurdistan to join the resistance and the sacred victory in Kobanê which he said is writing a new history today.
“Let the whole world witness the resistance by Kurdish youths, girls and boys”, Karayılan said, pointing out that the Kobanî resistance will accomplish and the foundations of a democratic Syria will be laid if everyone and every Kurd play their part in this.
Recalling that 27 January is the day of the establishment of Kobanî Canton, Karayılan described the liberation, which came on 26 January, as a great achievement and victory attained owing to remarkable resistance to savage attacks with heavy weapons and advanced technical means.
Karayılan stated that over 400 brave fighters were martyred and around 1300 people were wounded during the Kobanî battle that lasted four and a half months and witnessed many epics of bravery whose heroes have enabled the attainment of achievement today. “Those who wrote these epics have presented this day to the Kurdish people by sacrificing their lives for their people and lands. They liberated the Kobanî town. They put down their roots in these lands. They represented a huge spirit.”
PKK Executive Committee Member said he bowed respectfully before the memory of all the martyrs in the person of Martyr Gelhat, Diyar, Zozan, Êrîş, Destîna and Arîn, and reiterated their promise to keep their memories alive in the Liberation Struggle of Kurdistan.
We owe to them, he said, stressing that YPG and YPJ fighters, as their comrades and also followers, will no doubt pursue their path and struggle.
Karayılan further congratulated fighters of the YPG and YPJ who -he underlined- put up a brave fight and turned this day into a truth, as well as peshmerga forces and Free Syrian Army groups that joined and supported them in this battle.
This spirit of self-sacrifice is no doubt grounded on an ideology and past, Karayılan said, emphasising that works for preparing a substructure for this spirit and resistance were initiated by Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan 36 years ago.
Karayılan also congratulated Free Kurdish Women that fought with a free will in this battle and announced the name and glory of Kurds and Kurdistan to the whole world.
The PKK Commander also congratulated everyone who joined the resistance in Pirsûs (Suruç), stressing that all four parts of Kurdistan had a share in the victory.
“Beyond any doubt, Kobanê resistance has been the fight of humanity against the fascism of ISIS gangs. It was a fight of democracy and freedom. This is an accomplishment of humanity and all those protecting and defending the common values of humanity”, he said.
Also reminding of the role of the support by international coalition forces, Karayılan said the resistance in Kobanî also had national and international aspects. He noted that many internationalists joined this resistance and fell a martyr, remembering all of them in the person of Paramaz Kızılbaş and Kader Ortakaya.
“Kobanî resistance has no doubt been a collective fight joined by all Kurds and run with the support of all of them. International powers also gave support which was however not as strong as that provided by left-wing movements, socialist and democrat circles. Resistance of humanity to barbarity began in Kobanî and succeeded today. May it be blessed to the whole humanity in the person of our brave martyrs.”
PKK Commander also pointed out that the attained achievement is the first step and now being followed by the second for the liberation of the entire Kobanî territory and all villages in Kurdistan lands.
Karayılan emphasised that all Kurds, political movements and international powers should continue supporting Kobanî in order for the second step to accomplish and for the Kobanê victory to become definite.
Noting that returns to Kobanî should also take place, Karayılan called on the people of Kobanê to turn back to their sacred land, adding; “Now that harsh winter conditions continue, those able to serve the purpose of construction works and strengthening the resistance should return in the first place. The Kobanî youths who are currently in the North and South must turn back, defend and liberate the villages and rebuild the life. The currently ongoing operation will require much more workers and fighters. All the youths in Kobanê and Rojava Kurdistan must go there and join the final victory operation.”
PKK Executive Committee Member remarked that Kobanê resistance will lead up to new developments as it has done so far by manifesting the attitude of the Kurdish nation to the whole world, reflecting the Liberation Struggle of Kurdistan and enabling its voice to be heard by the world. He said Kobanî battle has also revealed a grade for the unity of the Kurdish nation. “All regions of Kurdistan must be liberated and defended with a united national spirit and all the gains of the Kurdish people must be taken under protection. The approach to be displayed in this regard is very important in respect to the future of the Kurdish people”, he underlined.
Karayılan added that victory in Kobanî would both set an example for a democratic Syria and bring along remarkable developments for the Kurdish nation.

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