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YPG liberates several villages from ISIS

NEWS CENTER - YPG Media Center released a statement on the clashes broke out yesterday in Kobanî. The statement says YPG forces liberated several villages from ISIS gangs and captured a great amount of munition. YPG’s statement is as following
“Resistance to the brutal attacks by Daesh (ISIS) terrorists continued on the 135th day. Our forces who were able to entirely liberate the city of Kobanî on January 26, are continuing their operations in the southern countryside.
The news on liberation of Helinc village (Southeast Kobanî) was reported yesterday, number of terrorists’ dead killed during the clashes in that village was not instantly verified. Yet, more than 10 terrorist bodies and a large number of weapons and ammunition were seized in that region.
Our forces yesterday launched an operation against 3 terrorist-occupied positions on the Southern front. In this campaign that was led near the Newroz Hall, Seyran Restaurant, and the Gulmêt village 13 members of terrorists were confirmed killed. The three areas targeted in this operation were ultimately liberated from terrorist forces after heavy clashes.
In this operation that lasted all day long and overnight, our forces managed to capture large quantities of weapons and ammunition from terrorist forces, the number and types are as follows: 1 Humvee, 1 Katyusha rocket launcher, 1 DShK 12.5, 2 RPG-7 rocket launchers, 1 PK machine gun, 2 G1 rifles, 10 AK-47 rifles, 50 AK-47 magazines, 27 hand grenades, 50 anti-tank mines, 20 anti-personnel mines, 30 hand-made mines, and 1 communication device.
Two of our comrades who played a major role for the last night’s operations to accomplish, fought well on the fields of battle and were martyred in action”.

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