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ISIS gangs are inhuman, says a survivor

ŞINGAL - 80-year-old Ali Osman and his 68-year-old sister Xezal Osman, two of the 200 people released by ISIS gangs in Kirkuk, have been reunited with relatives on Mount Şingal (Sinjar). Elî Osman said that ISIS were not human.
Only Ali Osman and his deaf and blind sister Xezal are the only members of his family to have survived the ISIS onslaught that began on 3 August last year. Xezal Osman assumes they were forced to leave their homes by Arab tribes in the area and have not been made aware of the scale of the massacre, as her relatives fear it would be too much for her to bear.
‘Shia Turkmen were massacred’
Ali Osman said: “ISIS captured us near the village of Qendil before we could reach Mount Şingal. There were 3 of us staying in a garage. They killed the other two and left me. Then we got to Solax. There were about 20 elderly people there. They killed two of my friends there.” Osman said they were taken to the city of Tal Afar, where they witnessed the savage slaughter of Shia Turkmen. After staying a week there he said they were taken to a Turkmen village where they remained for 2 or 3 months. “Then they took us to Kocho village where we stayed about 40 days. The ISIS people said our community would come to help us and took us to another village near Tal Afar. Then they took us to Musul and from there to the border with Kirkuk where they released us.”
‘They even took away babies barely 12 months old’
Ali Osman said the gangs had either slaughtered the Êzidîs regardless of age, or taken them hostage. 80-year-old Osman found it difficult to explain what he had been through, saying: “They even took away blind and disabled people. They have no conscience, no rules. Whenever they felt like it they came and persecuted us. They took the women and girls away. They even took away babies barely 12 months old. We want God to punish them.”
‘Their laws are not human’
Ali Osman said around 4,000 Êzidîs had been abducted, and that the younger ones had been taken away to an unknown place. He added that the gangs had even taken small children from the arms of their mothers, saying that ISIS were people without religion. “They do not recognise God’s laws, otherwise how could they do this? Their laws are not human. Their path is not that of God.”

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